GigaSMART Diameter S6a Correlation

Required Licenses: Diameter correlation license is available as a Base (100,000 users) and Max license (maximum number of users).

Diameter is an application layer protocol used in the GTP Mobile Infrastructure for authentication, authorization and accounting. The Diameter protocol uses SCTP protocol (and also TCP protocol). Thousands of diameter transactions occur every second on a relatively low network segment. Therefore, it is important to load balance the diameter transactions to the diameter processing probes (that have a finite capacity).

The GigaSMART Diameter Correlation application load balances the Diameter traffic to the LTE sessions of each of the subscriber such that the probes receive the S6a traffic for the given IMSI/MSISDN.

The application performs the following functions:

■   Correlates Diameter S6a message
■   Provides support for FlowVUE functionality with Stateful Load balancing (based on IMSI/MSISDN)
■   Provides single engine support and allows engine grouping, as well
■   Provides IPv4 support