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Find the following additional feature concept videos on Gigamon TV. Content on Gigamon TV is continuously updated. This list is just a sampling of what is available.

Gigamon Basics

A collection of video tutorials to help you get started with your Gigamon products.

Gigamon Basics

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Continuously updated

Introducing GigaVUE-HCT

A quick introduction to the Gigamon GigaVUE-HCT appliance delivered as a compact mobile, edge, and tactical deployment unit for always “on-the-go” customers looking for comprehensive traffic and security intelligence.

(Dec 2023)


Supporting AWS VPC Pre Filtering

In this video we will cover supporting AWS VPC, pre-filtering in GigaVUE Fabric Manager. We will walk through some of the requirements, what our options are, how to build a pre-filter, and all the steps. Then, we will deploy a VPC mirror, and then build and enable the pre-filter in AWS through Fabric Manager.

(Apr 2023)


Upgrading GigaVUE-OS via the Command Line Interface

Ensuring that your visibility appliances are upgraded with the latest version of GigaVUE-OS is important. In this video, Jim will use the GigaVUE-OS Command Line Interface and walk you through all the steps to ensure that your HC appliances are up to date. If you want to learn how to upgrade via the GUI, there is a video for that too in this playlist.

(Mar 2021)


Upgrading GigaVUE-OS via the Graphical User Interface

Ensuring that your visibility appliances are upgraded with the latest version of GigaVUE-OS is important. In this video, Jim will use the GigaVUE-OS Graphical User Interface and walk you through all the steps to ensure that your HC appliances are up to date.

(Mar 2021)


Enabling Single Sign-On (SSO) into GigaVUE-FM (SAML)

Understanding how to configure user access to GigaVUE-FM fabric manager using Single sign-on and SAML helps you meet your security, compliance, password management requirements. In this video, Jim will provide a primer on SSO, discuss SAML flows and then show you how to configure Single sign-on via GigaVUE-FM fabric manager.

(Feb 2021)


Deploying GigaVUE V Series on AWS

Our GigaVUE® V Series virtualized visibility nodes are deployed in the cloud, where they acquire, aggregate, filter, process and distribute traffic. In this video, we will introduce you to our V Series solution for AWS, review the prerequisites, and provide you with a detailed demo on how to install and configure - via GigaVUE® Fabric Manager this product for your AWS environment.

(Jan 2021)


How To Configure Gigamon Fabric Manager (version 5.8 and above)

Configuring FM v5.8 and above. GigaVUE-FM delivers centralized management and orchestration of your visibility fabric. With Fabric Manager, you can to manage, monitor and configure traffic policies for all your Gigamon nodes.

(July 2020)


Building a Flow Map

Flow Maps are essential for sending network traffic through a set of user-defined map rules to the tools and applications that secure, monitor and analyze your IT infrastructure. This Gigamon Basics video shows you how to create a Flow Map through the GUI.

(July 2020)


Setting up your GigaVUE HC Series appliance for the first time upon power-on

In this video, we walk you through the basic steps to setup your GigaVUE HC Series appliance upon power-on and then how to enable cards.

(June 2020)


Licensing your GigaVUE HC Series appliance – fixed licensing

Review of the different license types and how to enable licenses at the command-line and through the GUI. Note: This is for fixed licensing only.

(June 2020)


Configuring Ports

A review of the different port types and how to configure them via the Command Line or Graphical User Interface.

(June 2020)


Inline Bypass Primer and Configuration Steps

Inline Bypass can protect your organization against network failures while maximizing the effectiveness of your threat prevention tools. This video provides an Inline Bypass primer and details on how to configure Inline Bypass using the GUI and CLI.

(Aug 2020)


How to submit a Gigamon Tech Support ticket from the Gigamon Community

It’s easy for Gigamon customers to create a support case directly from the My Gigamon page on the Gigamon Community. In this short video, we will walk you through the steps to submit a ticket. Gigamon customers with valid support contracts can go here: to log-in or register.

(March 2020)


Feature Overview Videos

Peruse additional videos showcasing additional Gigamon product features:

Gigamon InfoSec Visibility and Analytics Fabric

Securing your data has never been more critical. Complete, unified, network visibility is vital. You cannot secure what you cannot see. Only Gigamon gives you the complete network visibility you need.

(May 2020)


Gigamon Application Filtering Intelligence

Gigamon Application Filtering Intelligence can help network and security teams get the most out of their existing tools by optimizing performance and filtering out irrelevant traffic.

(June 2020)



GigaSMART Module Refresh

The second generation GigaSMART® module for GigaVUE-HC2 allows customers to get more out of their existing Gigamon hardware with improved capacity and a significant increase in performance.

(June 2020)


Public Cloud Visibility with Gigamon

By using Gigamon Fabric Manager to route public cloud traffic to your tools, you can accelerate threat detection, monitor user experience and pinpoint performance issues.

(June 2020)

[1:33 ]

Tool Traffic Threshold and Alarms Using GigaVUE FM

Tools optimization using GigaVUE-FM to support work from home users, changing enterprise network traffic patterns and volumes by adapting and expanding network infrastructure to meet availability and user performance requirements.

(May 2020)


Filtering and Masking Healthcare Data with Gigamon Application Intelligence

Unencrypted HL7 traffic can pose significant security and privacy risks. Gigamon Application Intelligence can help protect patient privacy.

(May 2020)


Centralized TLS 1.3 Decryption with Gigamon

Decrypting traffic on a per-tool basis is resource intensive and can impact tool cost and performance. Achieve full centralized visibility with Gigamon

(May 2020)

[2:24 ]

Nutanix Workload Visibility With Gigamon Cloud Suite

This video highlights how organizations deploying hyperconverged private clouds based on Nutanix can greatly improve security and overall network performance. The integration of Gigamon and Nutanix orchestration solutions combined with a centralized fabric management console enables

(March 2020)