Documentation Library

The Gigamon Documentation Library provides the complete set of guides available in PDF format for the supported versions of GigaVUE products. Access the Online Documentation for the latest content updates. Additional Resources are continuously being developed based on popular requests.

Click PDF Downloads and select the list of PDF guides you wish to view.
Click Online Documentation to open the latest content updates in a single, searchable format.
Click Additional Resources for Troubleshooting, Gigamon Validated Designs and API Reference.

Note:  Refer to the Release Notes and the online product documentation for the latest updates.

Get the Latest Documentation Updates Online

Bookmark this link.

Online product documentation provides the equivalent content of all the product PDFs for the release in a single, searchable, online format. It also includes additional features such as videos and animated images. PDF guides and online documentation are provided in each product release. The online documentation is updated even between releases.

If you lose this link, just visit the Gigamon Community to find the latest online documentation offerings. No login required. After accessing the online product documentation the first time, bookmark the link for future reference.

Download Release Notes with the Software

Release Notes provide important information about the product release and are available on the portal where you download the software. It is important to read the Release Notes before installing or upgrading GigaVUE software.

The online documentation does not include product Release Notes. Registered customers can download software and Release Notes by logging in to Customer VÜE Community and clicking the Software & Documentation link.

In the Software and Release Notes tab, select the Product and Release using the filters provided, enter "note" in the search box, and then click Go.
To find documentation for pre-5.7 releases, enter "pdf" in the search box.
The Guides tabs open the PDF download pages for versions 5.7 and above, where you can download the whole set at once or individual files.
Additional tabs provide quick links to Troubleshooting topics and Gigamon Validated Designs.

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