Application Intelligence Session

Application Visualization (earlier known as Application Monitoring) gathers the application statistics, and sends this information to GigaVUE-FM, which acts as an application monitor. The monitoring reports are sent to GigaVUE-FM through the destination port 2056. The application statistics appear as an array of monitoring reports that provide application-usage data in an easy-to-read graphical interface. This provides you with greater insight and control over how your network is being used and what applications are utilizing the most resources. To perform Application Monitoring, you must create the required application intelligence sessions on the nodes managed by GigaVUE-FM.

GigaVUE-FM allows you to create Application Session for the following two environments:


  • The environment on which the Application Intelligence solution is to be deployed must already be created and the nodes must be deployed on it.
  • In virtual environment, the destination tunnels for the Application Filtering Intelligence Map must already be created.

Note:  For Application Visualization and Application Metadata Intelligence, the destination(s) are defined internally by the solution.

The total applications participating in the network traffic are displayed in the Application Intelligence Dashboard. For more information about the dashboard, refer to the View the Application Intelligence Dashboard.

If the session configuration is unsuccessful, troubleshoot the error notified (refer to View the Health Status of a Solution). Click the Reapply all pending solutions button in the dashboard to redeploy the configuration.

Note:  GigaVUE-FM takes few minutes to display the application statistics.

You can also filter the traffic based on the applications. For more information, see Application Filtering Intelligence.