About De-duplication

Required License: De-duplication

Duplicate packets are common in network analysis environments where both the ingress and egress data paths are sent to a single output (for example, as a result of a SPAN operation on a switch). They can also appear when packets are gathered from multiple collection points along a path. GigaSMART de-duplication lets you eliminate these packets, only forwarding a packet once and thus reducing the processing load on your tools. For more information, refer to the GigaSMART De-Duplication.

To enable De-duplication in the Application Filtering Intelligence or Application Metadata Intelligence, click De-duplication.

Requirements and guidelines:

■   You must install licenses for De-duplication and Application Filtering Intelligence on your GigaSMARTModules to enable the features in GigaVUE‑FM.
■   Application Filtering Intelligence and De-duplication can be combined on the same GigaSMART engine.
■   When combining Application Filtering Intelligence (AFI) and De-duplication, AFI has the higher priority and it is executed before De-duplication.