GigaSMART De-Duplication

Required License: De-duplication

GigaSMART de-duplication detects duplicates of the following types:

■   IPv4 packets
■   IPv6 packets
■   non-IP packets (including non-IPv4 and non-IPv6 packets)

Duplicates are packets in which the fields (including the headers and payload) are the same, with the exception of some fields such as Time-to-Live (TTL). For example, if two packets are identical except for TTL, they will be counted as duplicates.

Duplicate packets are common in network analysis environments where both the ingress and egress data paths are sent to a single output (for example, as a result of a SPAN operation on a switch). They can also appear when packets are gathered from multiple collection points along a path. GigaSMART de-duplication lets you eliminate these packets, only forwarding a packet once and thus reducing the processing load on your tools.