About Application Intelligence

GigaVUE‑FM Application Intelligence provides a comprehensive solution that:

■   identifies the applications contributing to the network traffic.
■   isolates preferred application-specific traffic and directs it to the appropriate tools.
■   exports relevant application metadata for further analytics and analysis.

Application Intelligence provides the following capabilities for both physical devices and virtual nodes:

■   Application Visualization (earlier known as Application Monitoring) - Identifies and monitors all applications contributing to the network traffic, and reports on the total applications and the total bandwidth they consume over a select period. Able to identify more than 3,200 applications. It displays the traffic statistics in bytes, packet and flows.
■   Application Filtering Intelligence - Enables traffic filtering by layer 7 applications, which means you can filter out high-volume, low-risk traffic from reaching the tools and distribute high-risk network traffic of interest to the right tool at the right time.
■   Application Metadata Intelligence - Supports exporting over 5000 attributes of metadata that provide relevant usage context on over 3,200 applications, thus enabling you to rapidly identify indicators of compromise (IoC) for security analytics and forensics tools.

Note:  Application Intelligence requires a separate GigaSMART engine or engines in group.

Supported Platforms

Application Intelligence is supported on the GigaVUE‑HC1, GigaVUE-HC2, GigaVUE-HC3 nodes, and in the following cloud platforms on the GigaVUE V Series nodes :

  • VMWare ESXi
  • VMWare NSX-T
  • AWS
  • Azure
  • Third Party Orchestration