Application Intelligence—Rules and Notes

Keep in mind the following rules and notes when working with the Application Intelligence solution:

■   Whenever you perform a backup and restore operation, you must create a backup of both the device and GigaVUE-FM and then restore the backed-up data on both as well.
■   The best results for Application Metadata Intelligence can be obtained only if the traffic is bi-directional.
■   It takes 5 minutes for the Application Filtering Intelligence and Application Metadata Intelligence statistics to be populated in the GigaVUE-FM GUI.
  • The Application Intelligence solution can be deployed only on one GigaVUE V Series node. If a Monitoring Session is already deployed on a node at the time of the Application Intelligence Solution configuration, an error is displayed and the solution will not be deployed successfully.
  • The feature requires additional configurations on the NSX-T Manager in the VMware NSX-T platform to enable the flow of traffic into the V Series node. Refer to the Integrate GigaVUE-VM with NSX-T section for more details.