Traffic Intelligence

Designed to serve a wide variety of network operations environments, these GigaSMART operations provide complete network visibility to increase the efficiency of network performance tools.

Traffic Intelligence

Adaptive Packet Filtering

■    GigaSMART Adaptive Packet Filtering (APF)

Advanced Load Balancing

■   GigaSMART Load Balancing


■   GigaSMART De-Duplication

Flow Masking

■   GigaSMART Traffic Performance Enhancement

Header Stripping

■   GigaSMART Header Addition
■   GigaSMART Header Stripping


■   GigaSMART Masking

NetFlow Generation

■   GigaSMART NetFlow Generation


■   GigaSMART Advanced Flow Slicing
■   GigaSMART Packet Slicing
■   GigaSMART Passive SSL Decryption
■   GigaSMART SSL Decryption for Inline and Out-of-Band Tools
■   Entrust nShield HSM for SSL Decryption for Out-of-Band Tools

PCAPng Application


■   GigaSMART Custom Tunnel Decapsulation
■   GigaSMART ERSPAN Tunnel Decapsulation
■   GigaSMART IP Encapsulation (GigaSMART Tunnel)
■   GigaSMART IP Encapsulation/Decapsulation (GigaSMART Tunnel)
■   GigaSMART Layer 2 GRE Tunnel Encapsulation/Decapsulation
■   IP Fragmentation and Reassembly on L2GRE and GMIP Tunnels
■   GigaSMART VXLAN Tunnel Decapsulation
■   GigaSMART TCP tunnel
■   GRE-In-UDP Tunnel Decapsulation