GigaSMART IP Encapsulation (GigaSMART Tunnel)

Required License for IP Encapsulation: Advanced Tunneling ( GigaVUE‑HC2, and GigaVUE‑HC3), Tunneling (GigaVUE‑HC1)

GigaSMART-enabled nodes with the Advanced Tunneling license installed can encapsulate traffic and send it through a GigaSMART tunnel to a destination GigaSMART-enabled node.

1.   Configure an IP interface with an IP address, subnet mask, default gateway, and MTU setting and assign it to a GigaSMART group.
2. Create a GigaSMART operation with a Tunnel Encapsulation component. The encapsulation settings include the IP address and listening UDP port of the IP interface associated with network port on the destination GigaVUE H Series.
3. Bind the GigaSMART operation to one or more network ports as part of a map. The network ports must be mapped to the IP interface associated with a tool port.

Refer to the sections beginning with GigaSMART IP Encapsulation/Decapsulation (GigaSMART Tunnel) for examples of the end-to-end configuration of a GigaSMART tunnel.