GigaSMART Advanced Flow Slicing

Required License: Advanced Flow Slicing

Advanced Flow Slicing (AFS) allows you to slice traffic on multiple network protocols, each with different offset. In Advanced Flow Slicing, you can configure multiple protocols within a profile with rules for slicing of a packet which in turn reduces the number of GigaSMART Operations (GSOP) and the maps to be configured. In this feature, the slicing of packets occurs after the packet count has reached a configured value thereby preventing the slicing of control information and other important data of the networking protocols.


■   Supports up to five enhanced profiles.
■   Supports up to ten protocol rules for each profile.
■   Slicing profile cannot be edited after attaching it to GSOP.
■   Supports up to 80 million sessions per GigaSMART group.
■   When enhanced slicing or AFS profile is configured with 7-tuple, the protocol rule must be configured with "flow-session inner" only.

Note:  Only 5-tuple hashing is supported for Gen2. The 7-tuple hashing is supported for Gen3.

Note:  It is recommended not to edit an Advanced Flow Slicing (AFS) or the enhanced-slicing profile once created. For any changes to a profile, the user must always delete and recreate with new configurations.

Refer the following Gigamon Validated Designs for more detailed information on use Advanced Flow Slicing in different ways: