Efficiently chaining the GigaSMART Apps to Optimize Traffic Before Forwarding to the Tools (5.13)


Gigamon's Visibility and Analytics Fabric enables enterprises to gain pervasive visibility. The fabric enables the traffic to be aggregated and optimized before forwarding to the security/monitoring tools stack thereby avoiding tools sprawl. For optimizing the traffic, the visibility fabric executes GigaSMART operations (GSOPs), such as De-duplication, Slicing, Masking, exporting NetFlow/metadata and others. GSOPs can be combined to achieve maximum optimization. However, there are some exceptions. This GVD illustrates combining the GSOPs that could not be combined earlier.

 Design Topology

Design Overview

This design topology illustrates monitoring encrypted protocols/applications. The GSOP Application Filtering will be used in this scenario. However, to conserve the bandwidth and storage, the Application Filtering operation can be combined with Slicing operation.

Normally, the two operations cannot be combined without burning an additional port (aka Hybrid port). This design illustrates an efficient way to chain these applications. This method can be applied to other GigaSMART operations. Please refer to the user guide for the GSOPs that can be chained.

In this design, we use two GigaSMART engines, one for applying the Slicing operation on the incoming IPv4 TCP traffic and the other for applying the Application filtering operation on the traffic intended to the tools.

To learn more about this solution, read complete details on the Gigamon Community: Efficiently chaining the GigaSMART Applications to Optimize Traffic before Forwarding to the Tools 5.13.