Gigamon Validated Designs

The Gigamon Validated Designs published since the LTS release 5.10.01 are listed below. To view earlier designs, please visit

Aggregate, steer and sanitize out-of-band traffic across multiple Gigamon devices using a single pane of glass.

Seamlessly integrate inline tools, inspect only the relevant traffic, and load-balance traffic during normal operating conditions and fail-over conditions.

Inspect inline SSL/TLS traffic by decrypting once and feeding to one or many inline tools. In addition, feed the decrypted traffic to one or more out-of-band-tools for monitoring.

Use a centralized platform to acquire, optimize and deliver relevant traffic to one or many tools in a virtualized environment.


Define policies for monitoring traffic in the GigaVUE-FM and let the UI orchestrate the configuration and deploy at the click of a button. Monitor stats and manage the policies from a single pane of glass.

Use a centralized platform to acquire, correlate, optimize and forward subscribers' traffic for inspection.

Use to automate configuration and operational tasks thereby reducing time and error.