Deploying Subscriber-Aware Filtering to Monitor Multiple Subscriber Groups (5.12)


Monitoring requirements vary between different groups of subscribers within a mobile network. These groups might be defined by the subscriber priority, geographical location or subscribers with opened support tickets. Service Providers can now define multiple subscriber groups to be monitored by different set of probes by configuring multiple whitelist databases within the same GigaSMART group performing traffic correlation. This Gigamon Validated Design (GVD) illustrates how to filter the traffic for different sets of subscriber groups and deliver it to different probes on Mobile Network. While this GVD refers to a 4G core network, this feature is also available for 3G and 5G traffic.

Design Overview

The figure below illustrates the subscriber intelligence solution deployed on a service provider's 4G Core Network for monitoring three groups of users: priority based, support requested and subscribers attached to a specific list of eNodeBs, based on geolocation. The subscriber's based on geolocation  can be used for monitoring special events or for troubleshooting cell-specific traffic. The device is presumed to be equipped with a GigaSMART engine for processing and feeding the traffic to a different tool each. Multiple GigaSMART engine can be combined depending on the volume of the traffic that needs to be monitored.

To learn more about this solution, read complete details on the Gigamon Community: Deploying-Subscriber-Aware-Filtering-to-Monitor-Multiple-Subscriber-Groups-5-12.