Stand-Alone User Processing Node Traffic Monitoring

In Stand-alone User Processing Node (UPN) traffic monitoring, the UPN processes the subscriber information that is extracted from the PFCP packets and correlates with the GTP-u traffic without the CPN. When the traffic contains the User's field information such as IMSI, IMEI, you can use the Stand-Alone User Processing Node traffic monitoring.

The UPN performs the following activities in the Stand-alone mode:

  • Processes the PFCP session establishment request and extracts the IMSI, User IP and TEID for both end points. The information in the PFCP traffic is used to populate the UPN's session table.
  • Creates a GTP control tunnel based on the subscriber information and corresponding user tunnel. GTP-U look up is correlated based on the IP TEID .

The following diagrams explain the functioning of UPN in Stand-alone mode: