Traffic Filtering

This section describes the core intelligence provided by GigaVUE‑OS and managed through GigaVUE‑FM that can be used to optimize your network traffic flow.

Core intelligence is...

  • Flow Mapping® that defines policies to extract flows of interest
  • GigaStream load balancing that distributes flows across tools
  • Terabit-scale configurations with Clustering and Fabric Maps
  • Inline Bypass configurations that optimize threat prevention tools, enforcement point
  • Visibility across physical, virtual and cloud infrastructure

You can use the GigaVUE‑OS traffic management capabilities within GigaVUE-FM by accessing the device that has been added to the fabric manager from the GigaVUE-FM interface. The Traffic option appears in the navigation pane of the device view on supported devices.

To access traffic operations from the GigaVUE-FM interface:

1.   On the left navigation pane, click on and select Physical from the top navigation menu. This displays the list of Devices/Cluster Nodes managed by this instance of FM.
2. Click the Cluster ID of any node to open the node. The Traffic option is displayed on left navigation pane.


■   Ports and GigaStreams
■   Flow Mapping®
■   Flexible Inline Arrangements
■   Inline Bypass Solutions
■   Timestamps
■   Fabric Maps
■   Orchestrated Configurations

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