About Cluster

You can use GigaVUE‑FM to create a cluster. Cluster is created from standalone nodes that are currently managed by GigaVUE‑FM. The type of cluster that can be created in this software version is out-of-band.

Any GigaVUE HC Series and TA Series nodes can be a part of a cluster. However, a GigaVUE TA Series node cannot be a leader. It can only join a cluster with other GigaVUE HC Series nodes.

In addition to creating a new cluster, you can also manage an existing cluster through GigaVUE‑FM. You can add nodes to an existing cluster and remove nodes from an existing cluster.

When a new cluster is created, the nodes joining the cluster must be standalone nodes. If a node is initially part of another cluster, it must be removed from that cluster so that it becomes a standalone node, before it can be added to the new cluster.

Refer to the following notes and considerations for all nodes in a cluster:

■   must be currently managed by GigaVUE‑FM
■   must be running software version 5.1.00, at a minimum
■   must be running the same software version and build version
■   must be reachable by GigaVUE‑FM, that is, it must be online and not have any authentication failures
■   GigaVUE TA Series nodes that need an Advanced Features License, must be licensed
■   member nodes joining the cluster must have preference less than the leader node
■   From GigaVUE‑FM 5.7 and above , a node which is prior 5.4.00 will show its installed "Cluster License" as “Advanced Features License”.

For information on clustering concepts, refer to Manage GigaVUE® Nodes and Clusters.