Manage GigaVUE® Nodes and Clusters

This section describes how to add and manage GigaVUE® H Series and GigaVUE® TA Series nodes on a GigaVUE‑FM:

■   Configure Physical Nodes describes the process to add, configure and manage GigaVUE nodes through GigaVUE‑FM.
■   Create and Manage Clusters describes the process to create a cluster using the wizard, add nodes to a cluster, remove nodes from a cluster, edit cluster parameters, and add stack links.
■   Upgrade Software on a GigaVUE Node or a Cluster from GigaVUE-FM describes the process to upgrade standalone nodes and clusters through GigaVUE‑FM.
■   Search for Specific Nodes Using Keywords provides information about each of the standalone nodes and clusters, including a visual indication of each nodes status.
■   Overview Page provides the information on each node connected to the GigaVUE‑FM. This section covers the following: Systems Information, Ports Information, and Traffic.
■   Workflows describes how to use the workflow wizards to create four different types of maps. With the wizards, you can create the following types of maps:
o   Out-of-band maps
o   Inline maps
o   Basic out-of-band GigaSMART maps
o   Advanced out-of-band GigaSMART maps
■   Chassis Table View describes the Chassis Table View when managing a node with GigaVUE‑FM.
■   Safe and Limited Modes describes Safe Mode and Limited Mode.
■   IPv6 based Clustering Support
■   Rules and Recommendations for Nodes and Clusters