Nodes and Clusters

This section introduces the GigaVUE H Series and GigaVUE TA Series of the GigaVUE Traffic Visibility nodes. It also describes node and fabric management activities that you can perform on the physical nodes' embedded GigaVUE‑OS from the GigaVUE-FM GUI.


■   GigaVUE Nodes and Clusters
■   Manage GigaVUE® Nodes and Clusters
■   Multi-Path Leaf and Spine
■   Spine to Spine and Leaf
■   Work with GigaVUE HC TAP Modules
■   Fabric Statistics
■   Classic Topology
■   Topology Visualization
■   Flows
■   Device Logs and Event Notifications

Note:  For device backup/restore details refer to the GigaVUE Administration Guide.