Universal Container Tap

Universal Container Tap (UCT) is a containerized component that provides the network broker features in a containerized form. UCT can perform traffic acquisition, basic filtering, and tunneling support. UCT is deployed as a Pod in the given worker node where the workloads are running.

The UCT is deployed by Kubernetes orchestrator and not by GigaVUE-FM. UCT initiates the traffic acquisition process with UCT Taps.

Following are the modules implemented in UCT:

  • Traffic Acquisition: UCT supports traffic acquisition by replicating the traffic from the worker pods..
  • Filtering Module - UCTprovides basic filtering based on 5-Tuple. The filtering configuration is pushed by the GigaVUE-FM.
  • Tunneling Modules - UCT supports L2GRE and VXLAN tunneling to sent the tapped traffic to the GigaVUE V Series or tools.

This guide provides an overview of Universal Container Tap and describes how to install and deploy UCT components in your Pods.