Tool Templates

Tool template in Application Metadata Intelligence predefines a list of applications and its attributes, which you can choose as per your requirements while configuring Application Metadata Intelligence solution.

A template once created can be used by multiple exporters to export the attributes in the specified format to the destination tools.

You can use the tool templates while creating an Application Metadata Intelligence session. By default, you can find the following tool templates:

■   BroMetadata Template
■   Netflow V5 Template
■   SplunkMetadata Template
■   InsightSensor

The following table provides the purpose of each of the tool templates when used in Application Metadata Intelligence :

Tool Template Purpose
BroMetadata Template For selecting applications and attributes that can be detected by Bro sensor
Netflow V5 Template For emulating NetFlow V5 behavior
SplunkMetadata Template

For providing a quick insight into the network traffic generated by various applications and protocols

InsightSensor For selecting applications and attributes detected by ThreatInsight Sensor (must be compatible with ThreatInsight Sensor meta data)
SecurityPosture For detecting flaws in securing the applications in the network
RogueActivity For detecting unsanctioned applications that can pose challenges to network security
SuspiciousActivities For detecting issues related to unmanaged devices, suspicious connections, and traffic outside normal limits in the network
AnomalousTraffic For detecting challenges with HTTP, HTTPS, and DNS traffic in the network
Troubleshooting For detecting latency, connectivity, and protocol errors in the network
M2131Logging For U.S. Office of Management and Budget M-21-31 logging requirements
UnmanagedAssets For providing visibility into unmanaged hosts and devices in the network

Note:  You cannot edit the above templates. Hover over the Description column to view the description of the default tool templates.

You can create new tool templates according to your requirements. You can also edit and clone the templates. Refer to Create Custom Tool Templates for more information.