Required Command-Line Mode = Configure

Required User Level = Admin

Use the reset command to return the GigaVUE H Series node to factory settings.

The reset command has the following syntax:

reset factory <all | keep-all-config | only-traffic>

The system is rebooted after the process completes.

Note:  Starting in software release 5.2 on the GigaVUE-HB1 node, issue the card all or card slot 1 command to bring up the chassis, especially after configuring it for the first time, or after issuing the reset factory all command.

Note:  To halt the system, use reload halt. Refer to reload (reboot).

The following table describes the arguments for the reset command:



reset factory

Returns the system to its factory default settings, halting the system afterwards. Resetting the system deletes the current configuration and clears all log files, statistics, CLI command history, system image files, and configuration files.

factory <all | keep-all-config | only-traffic>

Specifies the portions of the system configuration to reset to factory defaults:

all—Resets all configuration files, configuration text files, backtrace files, and temporary files.
keep-all-config—Preserves all configuration files, but clears all log files and temporary files from the system. Note that this command does not affect any configuration settings.
only-traffic—Resets only chassis, cards, and traffic configuration. System configuration settings are preserved.

Note:  The reset factory only-traffic command reloads the node without issuing the reload command.


(config) # reset factory all

(config) # reset factory keep-all-config

(config) # reset factory only-traffic

Note:  Using reset factory deletes passwords on user accounts. When you login with the admin account, you will be prompted for a new password through the jump-start script.