reload (reboot)

Required Command-Line Mode = Enable

Required User Level = Admin

Use the reload command to reboot or halt the system.

Note:  Rebooting control card 1 also reboots control card 2, interrupting any ongoing sessions there. Active sessions with control card 2 are not common and will typically only occur when updating the software on the card.

The reload command has the following syntax:

   force [immediate]

Use the reload command without any arguments to reboot the system.

The following table describes the arguments for the reload command:



force [immediate]

Reboots the system immediately, regardless of whether the system is currently busy. Optionally, use immediate to ensure an immediate reboot.

For example:

(config) # reload

(config) # reload force

(config) # reload force immediate


Stops all system activities without powering the system down.

For example:

(config) # reload halt