5G Whitelisting

Required License : 5G Whitelisting

5G Whitelisting selects specific subscribers based on SUPI. The whitelist contains up to 2,000,000 subscriber SUPIs in Gen2 GigaSMART. For subscribers in the whitelist, 100% of their traffic is always sent to a specified tool port.

For example, when a subscriber session comes in, 5G whitelisting checks the SUPI of the subscriber.

If the incoming SUPI matches an SUPI in the whitelist, all sessions associated with that SUPI are sent to the tool port or load balancing group specified in the whitelist map.

To perform the following, refer to GigaSMART GTP Whitelisting and GTP Flow Sampling:

  • Create Whitelist
  • Apply Whitelist
  • Delete Entry from Whitelist
  • Delete Multiple Entries from Whitelist
  • Delete Whitelist
  • Destroy Whitelist