5G RAN Correlation

A Radio Access Network (RAN) is part of a telecommunications system that connects individual radio devices to the core mobile network through radio connections.

RAN uses GTP and / or 5G correlation. It exposes RAN data fields from control plane (S11), for example:

  • New Radio Cell Global Identifier (NCGI)
  • Tracking Area Identity (TAI)
  • Tracking Area Code (TAC)

The Tracking Area Identity (TAI) and New Radio Cell Global Identifier (NCGI) are extracted from the User location Information (ULI) and sends them to flow sampling, filtering and forward listing.

The RAN correlation for 5G CUPS flow sampling uses the NCGI, TAC and PLMN-ID values.

For 5G RAN based forward listing requires NCGI includes the PLMN Id and the New Radio Cell Global Identifier (NCGI).

RAN data fields are available for correlation, flow sampling and forward listing. It does not support classic flow filtering.


Configure 5G RAN Correlation

To configure 5G RAN Correlation, refer to Configuration of CUPS using Ansible