GTP Overlap Flow Sampling Maps

Starting in software version 4.8, GTP overlap flow sampling maps combines GTP forward listing and GTP flow sampling maps into a GTP overlap flow sampling map group, which allows for selected traffic to be sent to multiple destinations simultaneously.

In this scenario, once traffic matches a map, it will be sent to the destination for that map. However, the matched traffic will also be evaluated by subsequent maps and, if a match occurs, it will be sent to each of the destinations pointed to by the subsequent maps.

Figure 2 GTP Overlap Flow Sampling Map Groups illustrates regular non-overlap mapping where, once a traffic match is achieved in one map, all other maps are ignored.

Figure 39 Non-Overlap GTP Mapping Mode

This contrasts with GTP overlap flow sampling maps. In Figure 1 Non-Overlap GTP Mapping Mode matched traffic is sent to up to six GTP forward listing and flow sampling map pairs that in turn send accepted traffic to up to six load balanced port groups.

Figure 40 GTP Overlap Flow Sampling Map Groups