Display Flow Ops Reports

GigaSMART provides support for Flow Ops reporting. The Flow Ops reports display session table statistics for the various features. Refer to GigaSMART Group Statistics Definitions for descriptions of these statistics.

To display the Flow Ops report perform the following steps:

  1. From the device view, select GigaSMART > GigaSMART Groups > Report.
  2. Under Report Info, from the Type drop down list, select any one of the following report types:
    • Flow Filtering- To display Flow Filtering reports.
    • Flow Sampling - To display Flow Sampling reports.
    • Flow SIP - To display Flow SIP reports.
    • SSL Decryption - To display SSL decryption reports.
    • Port Throttling: To display the Port Session and Port throttle reports.
    • Flow Diameter S6a - To display the diameter S6a reports.

    Note:  To know more about the fields that appear for each report type, refer to "Flow Ops Report - Field Reference"

  3. Select a GigaSMART Group - for example: grp1.
  4. Click Generate. The corresponding Flow Ops Report appears.