Deploying GigaVUE Cloud Suite for Azure using V Series with Hybrid architecture (5.13)


With the advent of cloud computing, enterprise data centers have undergone immense technological transformation over the last two decades resulting in the rise of heterogeneous workloads on physical, virtual, and cloud platforms. Enterprises prefer HYBRID model of Cloud since it brings the best of both physical and virtual operations together and allows customers to chose the best location for running their workload. one of the challenges in the hybrid model of deployment is the seamless transition of infrastructure between on-prem and Cloud and giving the same security controls across physical and cloud workloads .

In this GVD, we will discuss how Gigamon can help enterprises to extend their security posture in the hybrid environment consisting of Azure. In this deployment scenario, the network traffic visibility solution offered by GigaVUE Cloud Suite is leveraged to acquire, optimize, and distribute traffic to security tools within Azure or to the tools at a physical data center. This enables the analytics and threat management capabilities needed to proactively prioritize, mitigate, and hunt down threats across the enterprise. Use cases involving only on-premises infrastructure in the security solution can be referred at Gigamon Validated Designs section of Gigamon community documentations.

Please check with your Gigamon Sales contact orGigamon Supportfor more information regarding the support for the cloud/virtualization platform that you are considering.

Design Topology

Design Overview

The architectural design for this solution displays an Azure environment being deployed with the Gigamon Cloud Suite. There is centralized implementation of the tools and the traffic gets hauled back to the physical data center for further processing. This not only ensures standard security across various deployment pockets but also reduces overheads, such as maintaining and managing various tools and resources.


  • GigaVUE-Fabric Manager (FM): Provides centralized orchestration of the resources and management.

  • G-vTAP Controllers: Small footprint VM(s), which act as the control plane proxy to manage the GvTAP agents in the environment.

  • G-vTAPs: Lightweight agents deployed on each VM for mirroring traffic to the V Series Node.

  • GigaVUE V Series Proxy: Similar to GvTAP controllers, they act as the control plane proxy to manage the V Series Nodes in the environment (Optional for deployment).

  • GigaVUE V Series Nodes: Aggregates, optimizes, and distributes the traffic for monitoring.

To learn more about this solution, read complete details on the Gigamon Community: Deploying GigaVUE Cloud Suite for Azure using V Series with Hybrid architecture 5.13.