GigaVUE‑FM fabric manager is a web-based fabric management interface that provides high-level visibility and management of both the physical and virtual traffic visibility nodes that form the Gigamon Traffic Visibility Fabric™. GigaVUE‑FM can manage the following types of traffic visibility nodes:

■   Physical GigaVUE NodesGigaVUE‑FM manages GigaVUE TA Series, and H Series nodes, allowing for a unified workspace, while also providing an easy-to-use wizard-based approach for configuring Flow Mapping®® and GigaSMART® traffic policies. For a list of GigaVUE TA Series, and H Series nodes supported for management in this release, refer to Supported Nodes .
■   Virtual GigaVUE NodesGigaVUE‑FM also extends the GigaVUE feature set into the virtual space by allowing for the discovery, configuration, and management of the new GigaVUE-VM virtual traffic visibility node. GigaVUE-VM provides powerful Flow Mapping® technology for the traffic flowing between virtual machines, allowing you to distribute cloud-based traffic to physical tool ports in the visibility fabric.

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