GigaVUE V Series Quick Start Guide

GigaVUE Cloud Suite are cloud-native solutions that acquire, optimize and distribute selected traffic to security and monitoring tools. The suites enable enterprises to extend their security posture to both public and private cloud and also accelerate the time to detect threats to applications while taking advantage of a reliable, scalable and available cloud environment.

This solution includes three main components:

GigaVUE V Series Node: Processes network traffic and allows administrators to provide additional functionality including forwarding, de-duplication, Application Intelligence, Application Metadata Intelligence, Application Filtering Intelligence, and NetFlow generation.

UCT-Vs: Acquires traffic from the host on which it is deployed and transfers it to the GigaVUE V Series Node.

GigaVUE‑FM: A web-based fabric management interface that provides a single pane of glass visibility and management of both the physical and virtual traffic that forms the GigaVUE Cloud for Azure. GigaVUE-FM manages the configuration of the rest of the components in your cloud platform.

What is a GiagVUE V Series Node?

A GiagVUE V Series Node is a virtual machine running in the customer's infrastructure which processes and distributes network traffic. It plays the same role as an HC Series appliance in a physical deployment, running many of the same GigaSMART applications and feeding data to tools in a similar manner. Because V Series nodes reside in a virtualized environment, inbound and outbound traffic is tunneled (because there are no physical device ports).


GigaVUE V Series Node:

  • Platform support - AWS, Azure, VMware (ESXi and NSX-T), OpenStack, Nutanix

  • GigaSMART support—De-duplication, NetFlow, AMI, AFI, Slicing, Masking, AMX, Header Stripping, SSL Decrypt, Load balancing, 5G-SBI, GENEVE Decapsulation, PCAPng. Refer to Supported V Series Applications for more detailed information on the applications supported in the respective platforms.

  • Licensing—Licensed according to traffic volume. With Volume Based Licensing, the customer can choose any supported platform, or combination of platforms.

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