Deploy UCT-C in Kubernetes

To fully deploy UCT-C, the following steps are required to be completed:

1. Implement external access to the Kubernetes environment (e.g., ingress, external public IPs, load balancers) to allow communication between UCT-C Controller and GigaVUE-FM.
2. Ensure that the firewall rules on Kubernetes nodes are met according to the Network Requirements.
3. YAML files or HELM charts are available as part of the UCT-Cimages. You should untar the UCT-C image to get the readme files.
4. Add the UCT-C images to a private Docker registry or ensure that the files can be pulled from the Docker Hub registry. You can spin up or spin down the UCT-C instances based on your traffic load.
5. Deploy UCT-C Controller and Taps using YAML files or Helm Charts. Refer to Deploy UCT-C Controller and Taps.