Connecting Power to the GigaVUE-HCT

The GigaVUE-HCT supports AC power adapter in a 1+1 redundant configuration. In all cases, only a single power adapter is required to operate the node. However, connecting both adapters in a 1+1 configuration provides redundant power. The steps to connect power adapters are as follows:

1.   Plug the power adapter DC header into each power input connector at the rear of the GigaVUE-HCT.

2. Plug an approved C5 power cable into each of the power adapters. Plug the other end of the power cables into a power source that can supply adequate power. For optimal power protection, plug the power adapters into separate circuits.

Note:  To avoid disk corruption, please ensure the "reload halt" command is executed before an ungraceful power shutdown.

3. When connecting to an external AC power source, ensure that a Surge Protective Device (SPD) is installed at the AC power inlet.
4. Once the power supply is turned OFF, wait for 1 minute (60 seconds) before turning the power supply ON for GigaVUE-HCT.

To remove or replace a power adapter, refer to Remove or Replace the Power Adapter

Remove or Replace the Power Adapter

To remove or replace a power adapter follow below steps:

1. Disconnect the AC power cord to power down the adapter.

2. Disconnect adapter's DC header.

3. If a new adapter is needed, replace the adapter and connect it back.

4. Repeat the first and second steps for other power adapter in the GigaVUE-HCT chassis.