Overview of GigaVUE Cloud Suite for OpenStack

GigaVUE® Fabric Manager (GigaVUE‑FM) is a web-based fabric management interface that provides a single-pane-of-glass visibility and management of both the physical and virtual traffic. GigaVUE‑FM is a key component of the GigaVUE Cloud Suite for OpenStack.

The OpenStack software is designed for multi-tenancy (multiple projects), where a common set of physical compute and network resources are used to create project domains that provide isolation and security. Characteristics of a typical OpenStack deployment include the following:

  • Projects are unaware of the physical hosts on which their instances are running.
  • A project can have several virtual networks and may span across multiple hosts.

In a multi-project OpenStack cloud, where project isolation is critical, the Gigamon solution extends visibility for the project's workloads without impacting others by doing the following:

  • Support project-wide monitoring domains—a project may monitor any of its instances.
  • Honor project isolation boundaries—no traffic leakage from one project to any other project during monitoring.
  • Monitor traffic without needing cloud administration privileges. There is no requirement to create port mirror sessions and so on.
  • Monitor traffic activity of one project without adversely affecting other projects.

Refer to the following sections for details: