Overview of GigaVUE Cloud Suite for Azure

GigaVUE® Cloud Suite for Azure extends complete visibility to workloads running in Azure and provides your security and observability tools with actionable network-level intelligence. GigaVUE Cloud Suite for Azure resides in the VNets and aggregates flows from all compute sites, including from native traffic mirroring nodes. Gigamon provides advanced traffic processing to generate metadata of traffic flows beyond traditional logging. This helps detect vulnerabilities or undesired activities and ensures effective and comprehensive cloud security with continuous monitoring.

All the elements of this cloud suite reside entirely in the cloud; they acquire traffic from every compute site through UCT-V (agent-like instances provisioned on each Virtual Machine). Gigamon auto-scales to adapt dynamically to changes in your virtual machine.

GigaVUE Cloud Suite for Azure provides the following benefits:

Improves tool capacity: Virtual security and monitoring tasks are offloaded from tools to improve effectiveness, reduce scaling and minimize costs.

Fully automates the infrastructure: Automatically identifies new and relocated workloads, instantiates and scales visibility nodes, and configures new traffic policies as needed.

Simplifies operation: Centralizes orchestration and management with a single-pane-of-glass visualization portal across any hybrid network.

Helps accelerate cloud migrations: Unifies on-premise and hybrid cloud environments with a common deep observability pipeline, centralized control, and complete.