Points to Note

Keep in mind the following notes and rules when deploying GigaVUE Cloud Suite:

  • It is recommended to deploy the GigaVUE-FM on the AWS to manage AWS workload.
  • If the GigaVUE-FM is deployed outside of the AWS, then the GigaVUE-FM encrypts and stores the access key and the secret key in its database.
  • Always attach an IAM role to the instance running GigaVUE-FM in AWS to connect it to your AWS account.
  • If you are launching the GigaVUE-FM instance from the AWS Marketplace, you need to have only the IAM roles.
  • Deployment of GigaVUE fabric components through a third-party orchestrator is supported on Linux and Windows platforms. Refer to Linux UCT-V Installation and Windows UCT-V Installation for detailed information.
  • Fragmentation in the network should be avoided from UCT-V to GigaVUE V Series node and from GigaVUE V Series to tool by setting appropriate MTU for the interfaces. If the tool VM MTU is less than that of GigaVUE V Series node, then GigaVUE V Series fragments the packets. This results in packet loss, that is, all fragments over 200 packet per second gets dropped by ENA (Elastic Network Adapter) of AWS.