Unpacking the GigaVUE‑HC1-Plus Shipment

The GigaVUE‑HC1-Plus node is shipped with either DC or AC power supply modules, fans, and filler panels installed. The chassis and parts kit are shipped in one box – modules are shipped in separate boxes. Use the following procedure to unpack the node:

1.   Inspect the shipping boxes. If any of the cartons were damaged, file a claim with the carrier who delivered them.
2. Open the box containing the GigaVUE‑HC1-Plus chassis and remove the parts kit from the top of the shipment. The parts kit contains the power cords, console cable and adapter, and power supply module covers.
3. Open the additional boxes containing the ordered modules and set them aside for assembly (each module is shipped in separate boxes).
4. Leave all protective filler panels in place in the chassis. DO NOT install the modules yet. Gigamon recommends rack-mounting the GigaVUE‑HC1-Plus chassis empty.