Secure Tunnels

Secure Tunnel securely transfers the cloud captured packets on UCT-V and UCT-C to a GigaVUE V Series Node or Tool (only in case of UCT-C). The data from UCT-V and UCT-C are encapsulated in PCAPng format, and the encrypted data is sent over a TLS connection to a GigaVUE V Series Node.

Secure Tunnel can also transfer the cloud captured packets from a GigaVUE V Series Node to another GigaVUE V Series Node.

In case of GigaVUE V Series Node to GigaVUE V Series node, the traffic from the GigaVUE V Series Node 1 is encapped using PCAPNG format and transported to GigaVUE V Series Node 2 where the traffic is decapped. The secure tunnels between V Series Node to V Series Node have multiple uses cases.

The GigaVUE V Series Node decapsulates and processes the packet per the configuration. The decapsulated packet can be sent to the application such as De-duplication, Application Intelligence, Load balancer and to the tool. The Load Balancer on this node can send the packets to multiple V series Nodes, in this case the packets can be encapsulated again and sent over a secure tunnel.

For more information about PCAPng, refer to PCAPng Application.

Supported Platforms

Secure tunnel is supported on:

■   OpenStack
■   Azure
■   AWS
■   VMware NSX-T (only for Third Party Orchestration)
■   VMware ESXi (only for Third Party Orchestration)
■   Nutanix (only for Third Party Orchestration)
■   Google Cloud Platform (only for Third Party Orchestration)

For information about how to configure secure tunnels, refer to the section Configure Secure Tunnel.