Use a Custom Banner

The GigaVUE node can display a customizable text banner at node startup before a user logs in. This way, users connecting to the node see the banner before they log in, giving them an idea of which node they are logging in to. The banner also appears after a user logs outs.

To set the custom banner:

1.   Select Settings > Global Settings > Host Name.
2. Click Edit. The Edit Hostname page displays.
3. Enter the custom banner in the Login Message field.
4. Click OK.

Acknowledge the Custom Banner

The 'enable' GigaVUE-OS CLI option is available when configuring the GigaVUE-OS UI acknowledgment banner. This allows customer to enable or disable the banner acknowledgment; which is the requirement for users to acknowledge the banner. If this is disabled, the banner will appear but will not require the user to acknowledge it.