GigaVUE‑FM automatically collects inventory data on all target instances available in your cloud environment. You can design your monitoring session to include or exclude the instances that you want to monitor. You can also choose to monitor egress, ingress, or all traffic.

When a new target instance is added to your cloud environment, GigaVUE‑FM automatically detects and adds the instance into your monitoring session. Similarly, when an instance is removed, it updates the monitoring sessions.

For the connections without G-vTAPs there is no targets that are automatically selected. You can use Tunnel as a Source in the monitoring session to accept a tunnel from anywhere.

You can have multiple monitoring sessions per monitoring domain.

You can create multiple monitoring sessions within a monitoring domain.

To create a new monitoring session:

  1. In GigaVUE‑FM, on the left navigation pane, select Traffic > Virtual > Orchestrated Flows and select your cloud platform. The Monitoring Sessions page appears.
  2. Click New to open the Create a New Monitoring Session page.
  3. Enter the appropriate information for the monitoring session as described in the following table.




    The name of the monitoring session.

    Monitoring Domain

    The name of the monitoring domain that you want to select.


    The connection(s) that are to be included as part of the monitoring domain. You can select the required connections that need to be part of the monitoring domain.

  4. Click Create. The Edit Monitoring Session page appears with the new canvas.

If multiple connections are selected, the Topology view displays all the instances and components of the selected connections.