Battery Optimization through CPU Hibernation

G-TAP A Series 2 can be configured to hibernate and wake up periodically so that the battery power usage is optimized. The G-TAP A Series 2 follows the below algorithm to ensure that battery usage is optimized:

■   If the main power goes down and if cpu-hibernation feature is enabled, then the device will go into a deep sleep so that CPU power consumption is reduced. This does not impact the traffic.
■   Once in hibernation ,the device wakes up after a pre-configured duration and checks if main power is available. If main power is available, the device comes out of hibernation state. Otherwise the device waits for 50 seconds to confirm that main power is not available after which the device resumes hibernation for the pre-configured time.
■   The device cannot be forced to come out of hibernation mode if the main power is not available.

Enable through CLI

The configuration commands to initiate CPU hibernation using GigaVUE-OS CLI are as follows:

  1. #battery optimization global cpu-hibernate <value> sleep-time <value>

o   global – Refers to the system-level configuration.
o   cpu-hibernate – Refers to the battery level after which device enters the hibernation state.The value specifies the battery level percentage which ranges from between 85 to 25. When this value is hit, the device will go into hibernation state.
o   sleep-time -  This indicates the periodic CPU Hibernation sleep duration.The value specifies the sleep time in minutes which ranges from  6 to 30

Note:   By default, CPU hibernation is disabled.

  1. # show battery optimization global

  1. #no battery optimization global cpu-hibernate

Refer to GigaVUE-OS CLI Reference Guide for more details.

Enable through GigaVUE-FM

CPU hibernation can be enabled from GigaVUE-FM through the following path; System> SNMP > Energy Saver. To enable CPU hibernation, mention the threshold percentage at which the device should hibernate. For G-TAP A-SF21 , the ports can be forced to hibernate based on the threshold levels selected for each port as shown below.


1.   GigaVUE-VM support is not available for this feature.
2. The device GigaVUE-OS CLI , Console and SSH will not be available when the device is in hibernation

While the device is in hibernation ,configurations cannot be modified and applied. However a G-TAP device managed by GigaVUE-FM can store and apply the configuration once the main power is available. Global configurations can be applied to multiple devices that are managed by GigaVUE-FM through Templates. These configurations will go through Deployer. To override the GigaVUE-FM global level settings, navigate to the device and override the configuration.