Required Command-Line Mode = Configure

Use the clear command to clear statistics, caches, counters, or to reset information.

The clear command has the following syntax:

   aaa authentication attempts <all | user <username>> [no-clear-history | no-unlock]
      asf stats <alias <alias> | all>
         caching <cert-validation | url>
         monitor stats
         session debug vport <vport alias>
         session summary
         exporter stats [alias <alias> | all]
            cache [alias <alias> | all]
            stats [alias <alias> | all]
      ssl service stats [alias <alias> | all]
         flow-sampling <alias <alias> | all>
         flow-filtering <alias <alias> | all>
         flow-sip <alias <alias> | all>
         ssl-decryption <alias <alias> | all>
      stats [alias <alias> | all]
   gsop stats
      alias <alias>
      by-application <add-header | dedup | apf | asf | flow-sampling | flow-filtering | lb | masking |
         slicing | strip-header | trailer | tunnel-decap | ssl-decrypt>
      by-gsgroup <GS group alias>
   hb-counters <alias <alias> | all>
   ipv6 neighbors
   ip destination stats all   load-balance port-group stats <alias <alias> | all>
   map stats <alias <alias> | all>
   nhb-counters <alias <alias> | all>   pcap all   port
      phy port-list <port-list>
      quadphy <port ID>
      stats <all | box-id <box ID> | port-list <port list> | slot <slot ID>>
   tunnel <l2gre | vxlan>
   tunnel-endpoint stats port-list <GigaSMART group alias>
   vport stats [alias <alias> | all]

The following table describes the arguments for the clear command:



aaa authentication attempts
<all | user <username>>
[no-clear-history | no-unlock]

Clears authentication attempts.

apps asf stats <alias <alias> | all>

Resets ASF statistics.

apps inline-ssl caching <cert-validation | url>

Clears inline SSL persisted records and files. Also clears the GigaSMART shared memory caches.

apps inline-ssl monitor stats

Clears inline SSL monitor mode statistics.

apps inline-ssl session debug vport <vport alias>

Reserved for internal use.

apps inline-ssl session summary

Clears inline SSL session summary statistics.

apps netflow    exporter stats [alias <alias> | all]     monitor
      cache [alias <alias> | all]
      stats [alias <alias> | all]

Resets NetFlow exporter or monitor.

apps ssl service stats [alias <alias> | all]

Resets Passive SSL decryption information.


Clears all dynamic ARP entries in the IPv4 cache.

       flow-sampling <alias <alias> | all>
      flow-filtering <alias <alias> | all>
      flow-sip <alias <alias> | all>
      ssl-decryption <alias <alias> | all>
   stats [alias <alias> | all]

Resets gsgroup information.


Resets gsgroup flow sampling.

Resets gsgroup flow filtering.

Resets gsgroup SIP session report statistics.

Resets gsgroup SSL decryption.

Resets gsgroup statistics.

   alias <alias>
   all  by-application [add-header |
       dedup | apf | asf |
      flow-sampling |
      flow-filtering |
      lb | masking |
      slicing | strip-header |
       trailer | tunnel-decap |
             ssl-decrypt]   by-gsgroup
<GS group alias>

Resets gsop information.

hb-counters <alias <inline tool alias> | all>

Clears heartbeat counters on inline tools.

ipv6 neighbors

Clears all dynamic entries in the IPv6 neighbors cache.

load-balance port-group stats <alias <port-group    name> | all>

Clears load balancing port group statistics.

map stats <alias <alias> [rule <rule ID>] | all>

Clears map counters.

nhb-counters <alias <alias> | all>

Clears negative heartbeat counters on inline tools.

pcap all

Clears all hardware and software entries for packet capture, such as control and data plane entries.

   phy port-list <port-list>
   quadphy <port ID>
   stats [all | box-id
    <box ID> |
port-list <port list> |       slot <slot ID>]

Resets or clears ports as follows:

phy—Resets the specified ports in the <port-list> on the PRT-H00-Q02X32 line card on GigaVUE HD Series nodes. This command resets ports without having to reload the entire line card.
quadphy—Resets all ports in the group of four sequential ports (quad) containing the specified port on the PRT-H00-Q02X32 line card on GigaVUE HD Series nodes. The line card has eight quads of four ports each starting with x1..x4, x5..x8, to x29..x32.

Note:  Because the clear port quadphy command interrupts traffic on all four ports in the quad, use it only after trying to reset a port using the clear port phy command.

stats—Clears port statistics reported in the show port-stats command for the specified ports. You can specify all ports, a <port-list>, or all ports in a specified slot. For example, the following command clears the port stats for all ports in slot 3:

(config) # clear port stats slot 3

You can define the <port-list> using any combination of the following standard conventions (refer to Port Lists Definition in the GigaVUE‑OS for more information):

port-list—<bid/sid/pid_x..pid_y> (range) | <bid/sid/pid_x,bid/sid/pid_y,bid/sid/pid_z> (list)

tunnel <l2gre | vxlan>

Reserved for future use.

tunnel-endpoint stats port-list <GS group alias>

Resets tunnel endpoint statistics information.

ip destination stats all

Resets IP destination statistics.

vport stats [alias <alias> | all]

Resets vport stats information.