Required Command-Line Mode = Enable
Required User Level = Admin

The GigaVUE H Series node has two partitions, each with a separate image installed. Use the boot command to select which of the system’s two images to use at the next boot, what to do if the selected image does not boot correctly, and so on. This improves system stability when installing new softwareyou can preserve the existing software on one partition and fall back to it if necessary.

The boot command has the following syntax:

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The following table describes the arguments for the boot command:



bootmgr password <password>

Specifies a password for access to the boot manager. The boot manager is available during system startup when connected over the console port. If you enter the boot manager, you can override the default image selected using boot system.

next fallback-reboot enable

Enables fallback reboot if the selected image does not load correctly. When this option is enabled, the GigaVUE H Series node will fall back and boot the other image if the selected image does not load correctly.

This setting is enabled by default.

   location <1 | 2>

Specifies the image to load the next time the system is booted. You can specify either one of the two available partitions by number or use the next argument to select the next image available after the previously booted one. Use show system to see the available images and their corresponding partitions.

For example, the following command selects the image stored in Partition 1 for the next boot:

(config) # boot system location 1

Note:  The boot system command is the same as the image boot command.

Related Commands

The following table summarizes other commands related to the boot command:



Displays system information, including boot settings.

# show system

Displays information on system images, including the last boot partition, next boot partition, and currently installed system images.

# show images

Disables fallback reboot if the configuration file cannot be applied after an upgrade attempt.

(config) # no boot next fallback-reboot enable

Resets the next boot location to the currently active one.

(config) # no boot system next