apps listener

Use the apps listener command to configure the listener.

The apps listener command has the following syntax:

apps listener alias <alias>
type <gtp-cups | tunnel>


 protocol <tcp | udp>


 protocol <ipv4 | ipv6 | dual>
 ttl <1-255>   dscp <0-63>

mode l3 <promiscuous | interface>

gsgroup <add | delete>

The following table describes the arguments for the apps listener command:



alias <alias>

Specifies the listener alias.

type <gtp-cups | tunnel>

Specifies the type of the listener as follows:

gtp-cupsGigaSMART host for GTP-Cups.
tunnelGigaSMART host for TCP Tunnel.

l4 << port-list>

<protocol <tcp | udp>>

Configures the following transportation layer parameters:

port-list— Configure listener source port list.
protocol — Configures the following listener l4 protocol
l3 <protocol <ipv4 | ipv6 | dual>

 ttl <1-255>   dscp <0-63>>

Configures the following network layer parameters:

dscp — Configures the DSCP value. The value ranges from 0 to 63.
protocol — Configures the following listener protocol.
o IPv4 — Uses IPv4 for communication.
o IPv6 — Uses IPv6 for communication.
o Dual — Provides Dual stack support.
ttl — Configures the Time-To-Live (TTL) in seconds. The value ranges from t to 255.
mode <l3 <promiscuous | interface>>

Configures the listener mode as follows:

o promiscuous — Configures to promiscuous mode.
o interface — Configures to listen to interface mode.

Note:  Promiscuous node is not supported.

gsgroup <add | delete>

Configures the gsgroup on which the listener has to be activated or deactivated as follows:

add — Activates the listener on which the gsgroup is configured.
delete —Deactivates the listener on which the gsgroup is configured.