apps gtp-backup

Use the apps gtp-backup command to manipulate GTP backup files created by GTP stateful session recovery.

The apps gtp-backup command has the following syntax:

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The following table describes the arguments for the apps gtp-backup command:



delete <filename>

Deletes a GTP backup file by name. Use a question mark to display the names of backup files. The backup files have _backup and the following format:

s2—Specifies the slot number, for example, slot 2.
e0—Specifies the e port number, where 0 means e port 1 and 1 means e port 2.

For example:

(config) # apps gtp-backup delete ?<filename>s2e0_backup

(config) # apps gtp-backup delete s2e0_backup


Deletes all GTP backup files.

For example:

(config) # apps gtp-backup delete-all