apps enhanced-lb

Required Command-Line Mode = ConfigureRequired User Level = Admin

Use the apps enhanced-lb command to configure Enhanced load balancing profile and their parameters.

The apps enhanced-lb command has the following syntax:

apps enhanced-lb alias <elb-name>

hash-field <add | delete> <ip | ip-src | ip-dst> <inner | outer> [hash-mask <ipv4-mask> <ipv6-mask>] <l4-port | l4-port-src | l4-port-dst> <inner | outer> <gtpu-teid> hash-value add <ipv4-addr | ipv6-addr> <ip-addr> <mask> <inner | outer> [hash-mask <mask>]

hash-value delete <ipv4-addr | ipv6-addr> <rule-id>


The following table describes the arguments for the apps enhanced-lb command:



enhanced-lb alias <elb-name>

Specifies an alias of the enhanced load balancing file.

hash-field <add | delete> <ip | ip-src | ip-dst> <inner | outer> [hash-mask <ipv4-mask> <ipv6-mask>] <l4-port | l4-port-src | l4-port-dst> <inner | outer> <gtpu-teid>


Specifies the hash field information.

ip-src—Adds IP source address.
ip-dst—Adds IP destination address.
ipv4-mask—Adds IPv4 mask.
ipv6-mask—Adds IPv6 mask.
l4-port—Adds layer 4 source and destination ports.
gtpu-teid — GPRS Tunnel Endpoint Identifier (TEID) configures the following field locations for hash:
o outer—first occurrence of header or field
o inner—second occurrence of header or field
hash-mask—Apply this mask before hashing IP for load balancing. The default value is 32 for ipv4 and 128 for ipv6. When hash-field ip-src or ip-dst is defined with ip, ip-src or ip-dst hash-mask overwrites ip hash mask.


If field or fields in hash-field rules do not match incoming packets, packets are multi-casted to all the members in the output port group.

hash-value add <ipv4-addr | ipv6-addr> <ip-addr> <mask> <inner | outer> [hash-mask <mask>]

Adds the hash value. Supports up to 100 hash-value rules. If no hash-value rule is configured, field/fields in the hash-field rules is used for load balance hashing.

hash-value delete <ipv4-addr | ipv6-addr> <rule-id>

Deletes the hash value.