VLAN Tags in Maps

Ingress port VLAN tags are supported in first level maps, including the following:

■   map
■   map-passall
■   map-scollector
■   GigaSMART operation (gsop-enabled) maps

In the following example, the traffic from network port 2/1/q3 will be forwarded to tool port 2/1/q4. The traffic at tool port 2/1/q4 will have the added VLAN tag 1001. (Even though the VLAN tag is configured on the network port, it is added when the traffic exits the tool port.)

(config) # port 2/1/q3 type network
(config) # port 2/1/q3 ingress-vlan-tag 1001
(config) # port 2/1/q4 type tool
(config) # map alias m1
(config map alias m1) # type regular byRule
(config map alias m1) # from 2/1/q3
(config map alias m1) # to 2/1/q4
(config map alias m1) # rule add pass ipver 4
(config map alias m1) # exit
(config) # 


Note:  On GigaVUE-TA25, ingress VLAN tagging is not supported on network ports associated with GSOP maps and GSOP maps are not supported on network ports configured with ingress- vlan- tag.