Configure Flexible Inline Arrangements

Flexible inline arrangements is an approach to guide multiple inline traffic flows through a user-defined sequence of inline tools and inline tool groups. It uses the same software constructs as the existing inline bypass solution, such as inline network, inline tool, and inline tool group.

Flexible inline arrangements support physical protection based on the specialized hardware on BPS modules. It also supports both protected and unprotected inline network links. Refer to the “Flexible Inline Arrangements” chapter in the GigaVUE Fabric Management Guide for more information about the flexible inline arrangements solution.

Important: Defining inline configurations through GigaVUE-FM is recommended.

■   If you configure a flexible inline arrangement solution using the GigaVUE-OS CLI, you cannot view or manage it using GigaVUE-FM.
■   If you modify a flexible inline arrangement solution using the GigaVUE-OS CLI, you cannot view the changes in GigaVUE-FM.

This section provides examples of how to configure the flexible inline arrangements solutions using the GigaVUE-OS CLI. They are presented in an order from simple to complex. Refer to the following:

■   Example 1—Unprotected Flexible Inline, One Collector Map
■   Example 1A—Unprotected Flexible Inline Netlag, One Collector Map
■   Example 2—Unprotected Flexible Inline, Two Collector Maps
■   Example 3—Protected Flexible Inline, Two Collector Maps
■   Example 4—Unprotected Flexible Inline, Rule-Based Map
■   Example 5—Unprotected Flexible Inline, Inline Tool Group
■   Example 6—Unprotected Flexible Inline, Monitoring Mode
■   Example 7—Protected Flexible Inline, Out-of-Band Copy