Actions in a policy can notify users of certain events or change the configuration in response to events.

Use the policy command with action add to define the actions in a policy. For example:

(config) # policy alias MapMonitor action add MapDisable param mapAlias map1

Refer to the template for the MapDisable action as follows:

Disabling map <$mapAlias$>.

In the example, the mandatory mapAlias keyword has been specified. Some actions have multiple mandatory keywords.

Use the show action command to view the pre-defined actions and their templates. The command is as follows:

(config) # show action

In the output of the show action command, the Template column displays the parameters that must be specified when defining the action in a policy. The template contains mandatory keywords, for example, <$mapAlias$>. The strings enclosed in dollar signs ($) are parameters that must be specified as part of configuring a policy.

Note:  Some actions do not have any parameters, such as WriteMemory.

How to specify Keywords in Actions

The syntax for specifying keywords in actions is described in the following sections:

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