What Is Saved In a Configuration File

Configuration files store all of the settings in place on the GigaVUE H Series node when the file was saved – everything necessary to restore the node to its exact state when the file was saved. This includes:

■   Map settings
■   Port aliases
■   Port parameters, including duplex, medium, speed, cable length, and so on
■   Port-groups
■   Port-pair settings
■   Tool-mirror settings
■   Port-type settings
■   GigaStream settings


■   All settings shown by the show system command
■   User accounts, groups, and roles
■   SNMP server/trap settings
■   TACACS+, RADIUS, and LDAP servers
■   NTP servers
■   Syslog servers
■   Host names
■   Mgmt port IP settings
■   Logging settings, including email notifications