5G Correlation

The 5G Correlation feature correlates the 5G Control and User packets to deliver it to different tool ports based on the filtering policies configured. The control and user packets are processed in Control Plane Network (CPN) and User Plane Network (UPN) located in same or different locations, and then the packets are sent to the tools. The following diagram shows the High-Level LTE / 5G CUPS Visibility Environment.


■   5G RAN Correlation
■   5G Network Slice Correlation
■   GigaSMART_5QI

5G Load Balancing

If the node role is CPN, the load balancing of the packets depend upon the parameters configured for TCP in GigaVUE‑FM.

The UPN node load balances the correlated packets across all the tool ports based on the configured hash key value such as SUPI, PEI, GSPI.